TCC SA (Pty) Ltd 



Services, products and equipment in Corrosion, Tribology and Materials Technology for Mining Facilities, Chemical/Metallurgical Processes, Energy, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Exploration, Automotive, Aerospace and Marine Industries.



To become the African leader for quality and innovative corrosion solutions.



To provide an effective, professional and cost-effective corrosion engineering service to our clients in Africa.




TCC SA commences trading as an unregistered entity offering corrosion consulting and contamination control services based in Gauteng South Africa.



Registration as a Private Limited liability company [(Pty) Ltd.].



Expanded its service offering to also include materials testing equipment. 



Awarded three-year specialist consulting and equipment supplying contract from Eskom.



Corrosion design and supply performed work in African markets other than the South African (viz. DRC, Zimbabwe Kenya).



Received a commendation from the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa for being the corrosion protection part of a project submitted for the Corrosion Project of the year.



TCC SA project came second in Duplex coating project of the year Hot Dip Galvanizing Association of Southern Africa awards.



THRIP grant approved for localised corrosion research and development project.

Specific projects
  • Investigation of changes to the metallurgical structure of aluminium due to fire damage and
  • Inhouse mentorship program expanded to partner with Thermetrex of mentorship of 4 interns.



Specific projects:

  • Setting up our own corrosion and metallographic laboratory;
  • Owing to its success the inhouse mentorship program has been expanded further to also have a project run at a Gauteng based tertiary educational institution and
  • Awarded the TQC Coatings testing agency.



Specific project:

  • Successful application for funding for entrepreneurship program partnership with SA Government and UJ Metal Casting Technology Station and UJ department of metallurgy (total amount sourced from own funds and government of R1,3million);
  • Establishment of a corrosion coupon monitoring program;
  • Expansion of lab facilities and
  • Awarded the Cortec Incorporated agency for corrosion inhibitor technology.



Specific Projects:

  • Entrepreneurship Internship commences under the name of Project Kujenga for developing candidate interns into future entrepreneurs;
  • Introduction of Laser Scanning technology for survey and quantification of corrosion of facilities and equipment;
  • Expansion of coupon services program and
  • Preservation and life extension program expanded.



Specific Projects:

  • Establishment of Entrepreneurship Incubator in partnership with Quicklab Corrosion & Metallurgical Services (Pty) Ltd. and UPAT SA (Pty) Ltd. in New Doornfontein Johannesburg;
  • Development of New Testing methodology;
  • Introduction of Laser Scanning technology for survey and quantification of corrosion of facilities and equipment and
  • Cortec Inhibitor technology supply and support expanded into other African countries.




TCC SA has a permanent staff of ten that is regularly complemented with additional temporary (skilled) workers and specialist consultant servicing in corrosion, metallurgical and chemical engineering when needed for specific projects.