Short & Correspondence Courses in Corrosion, Coating Application, Tribology & Lubrication, and Metallurgy & Heat Treatment

Core course can be customised to meet your specific needs.
Courses can be presented at your site or at our Facilities in Gauteng
Courses can contain practical aspects if desired.

Introduction to Corrosion (the basics)
Preservation and Temporay Rust Prevention
Organic Coating: Series
Organic Coating: Application Module (1 day)
Organic coating: Qualty Control Module (1 day)
Organic Coating: Specification Interpretation and compliance
Organic Coating: Applicators level (2-3 days)
Organic Coating: First supervisory Level(2-3 days)
CP: Introduction to Cathodic Protection
Corrosion Protection of Steel
Tribology & Lubrication Series